Thursday, May 7, 2015

OneDrive Cloud Storage, How to get 100GB storage.

OneDrive Login + Cloud Storage. Microsoft announced a new campaign in which the user can increase the amount of available cloud storage space OneDrive up to 100 GB. Offer valid for a limited time.

To get 100 GB in the cloud, you must create an account Microsoft, if you have not done so far. Next, create an account with Bing Reward - a program Microsoft, which is designed to motivate users to work with the search engine Bing.

If you do all this in toolbar Earn and Explore (Bing Reward) appear in the proposal to increase the amount of disk space and 100 GB OneDrive period of 2 years. It remains only to press the button and wait for the e-mail from OneDrive. In Microsoft stressed that the proposal is the promotional and valid for a limited time.

The company in this case can serve two purposes. The first is to attract more users to the search engine Bing, and Bing Reward is a tool for the implementation of this task. The second - after a two-year period in Microsoft expects that accustomed to services OneDrive users wish to continue working with them for a fee.
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