The Chinese are Excited about the Pineapple Smell from iPhone Headphone Jack

The Chinese internet is currently engulfed in debate over the iPhone headphone jack which smells like pineapple while charging. It started with a thread on a popular internet message board in Japan.

The crazy news quickly spread through news blogs and traveled all the way to SINA weibo, the most popular micro-blogging platform in China. The thread on weibo has been retweet more than thirty thousand times as Chinese Apple’s user confirming the claim too. A few also reported a similar fragrance coming from the volume control buttons. Some Taiwanese folks even found out their iPhone can be smell like peach, mango and even APPLE !

Taiwan news report in Mandarin Chinese.

Some industry expert explain that this pineapple smell is came from the organic solvents which used for cleaning circuit boards. While the iPhone device is charging, the temperature will increase and the residue will evaporate and causes the fruity smell. A customer service staff from China Apple has reponded, he is not sure why the iPhone product comes with pineapple flavor (not jailbreaking …), speculated that it may be the smell of the electronic components. As to whether this odor is harmful to humans, he suggested that users should not try to inhale hard. Needless to say, something like that gained traction rather quickly, especially nowadays there are so many iPhone user in China. In fact, we are quite sure workers at Foxconn are not eating pineapple jam sandwiches when they assembled our iPhone.

SOURCE:, (Chinese translated)