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iCloud Login Page + How To Register to iCloud

iCloud Login: How much space is available in iCloud? Each user gets 5 GB. These dimensions are reserved for mail storage, application data, backup settings and all the little things that generate a variety of programs. With respect to images, but there is no restriction on the size. But iCloud will store up to 1000 photos over the past 30 days. If 5GB enough for you, then for an additional fee, you can purchase a larger volume. The money will be debited from your Apple-account.

Where can I download iCloud?

iCloud download is not necessary, the service is already built into the system starting with iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 and iTunes 10.5. To operate all the functions of iCloud, you will need 8 iOS and OS X Yosemite. Updates to them are free.

How To Register to iCloud

Separate registration is not required to iCloud. To enter the service enough to use your Apple ID - login and password to enter the store App Store.

Can I continue to use the iPhone without paying attention to the service iCloud?

Certainly it is possible, but in this case you from the whole range of their legal possibility to refuse, perhaps the most delicious dishes. The essence of cloud computing is that in addition to the resources on your device, you get more resources and a remote server with its storage space, processing and access to data.

All of these lyrics may mean nothing to most users iPhone, but a simple option "Find iPhone» (Find my iPhone) immediately returns attention to the service iCloud, as it is implemented in the clouds, this unprecedented useful function.

In addition to "Find iPhone» (Find my iPhone) iCloud service offers many more possibilities, but only one option, which allows real-time tracking of the location of its iPhone, makes attentive to the new cloud-based capabilities.

So iCloud service allows you to:

in addition to the amount of free memory to use another 5GB on a remote server Apple, and if necessary, buy more storage space;
to store backup copies of your data, such as contacts, professionally organized and serve the information repository (who never lost contact, let him cast the stone at Apple for this option);
forget about the need to connect iPhone to your computer, which makes the iPhone is actually a stand-alone device that is not tied to your computer a short leash - sinronizatsii to update the backup is done automatically by connecting the phone to the Internet through a network of Wi-Fi, and you always have a fresh backup of your contacts and all that wish to regularly save in the cloud;

Login (sign in) and click on icon “Add photo”

Search photo and upload and click “Done”

This is iCloud general menu.

This is iCloud profile page.

This is iCloud iWork page with iCloud for Keynote

This is iCloud iWork page with iCloud for Numbers

This is iCloud iWork page with iCloud for Page

If you want close iCloud account – click on your Name and click “Sign Out”

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