iPhone 6c. To be, or not to be... Not to be.

Updated. No 4-inch iPhone in 2015!!! Everyday you can see lots information about new products from Apple Inc. incl. iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus. Some rumors we can read about iPad Pro. Today we want to tell you some thing about iPhone 6c release date.

Yesterday we spoke with some Foxconn insiders (factory workers) which confirmed our fears of a new product "iPhone 6c". At this moment they (Foxconn insiders) can't make photos with display or panel via 4-inch iPhone 6c. Why? They told me that in Foxconn factory they can be heard talks about the new model, but at the moment no one had seen (or say they have not seen). :(

Opps... I think we can forget 4-inch iPhone 6c..... Maybe only iPhone 7c. Don't forget after 2-3 weeks we can see message from Apple with invite to the iPhone 6s keynote.