iPhone 6s is almost here. Why?

Apple’s next generation rumored iPhone 6s with 4.7-inch display and Touch ID is almost here. We hear. 

We don't have confirmed information about such photo, because actually, we’re hearing a whole lotlately. Today, the Chinese knockoff makers managed to grab the opportunity to introduce their next-gen iPhone knockoff before Apple does. It has a 4.7-inch screen like Apple’s iPhone 6, and it looks like an new iPod touch 6-generation with a curved back form factor. Looks really awesome like iPhone 6. 

Maybe it's only iPhone 6 Plus or new chinese clone Goophone i6s Pro.

Looks like a tiny, mini form of iPad right? 

If it's Goophone i6S Pro Below the hood, this new iPhone 6s knockoff packs an 2GHz dual-core chipset which does an acceptable job powering. It also come along with 2GB of RAM, and a full-sized SIM slot. According to the buyers, the iPhone 6s clone (knockoff) comes with a metallic unibody and a 4.7-inch screen that “resists the slashing of knives”.