iPhone 6s price will be similar like iPhone 6, but not like iPhone 7.

IPhone 6s Price
How much iPhone 6s? iPhone 6s isn't most awaited smartphone like all-new iPhone 7.

All who have iPhone known that Apple will be released in 2015 iPhone 6s with similar features. I spoke with some Foxconn workers who confirmed, that new iPhone model will not have new display, but all displays they have with similar packed like for iPhone 6. I think display with Force Touch will be only on iPhone 7 next year.

You know that some sources wrote about pink color for China and Japan. I can't confirmed such information, but they confirmed that new iPhone model (iPhone 6s) will be similar colors. When I took pictures with pink iPhone, they told me that it's Knockoff, but not from Foxconn factory. (Don't forget that Goophone and others Chinese knockoff makers don't make his products on Foxconn).

This mean that new iPhone 6s price in USA or China will be similar like iPhone 6. It's very good, because "old" iPhone 6 will be best price. How much iPhone 7 with Force Touch? Hmmm. I don't know.