Sleeping Rack Support, Best DIY Traveling Tool in China

If the train is super crowded, you have no luck for using the rack.
While taking long distance train in China, passengers usually have to contort themselves into a position allowing for rest by sleeping facing down on a table (if provided) will strains their lower back.

Choosing to rest their heads on the back of the seat may also hurt their necks. Now a special design rack resembling a book support stand will allows Chinese travelers to enjoy a good nap. It features two tilted and padded stands on its top and middle, supporting the head and chin. The height of the rack can be adjusted according to personal preference. The two padded stands support the weight of travelers’ upper bodies evenly, allowing them to rest comfortably. The DIY device has created a lively discussion on Chinese social network. The rack’s inventor said the product allows people to sleep comfortably when they sit on the hard, wooden seats offered in the economy Chinese train cabins …

The sleeping rack support is available on, the China’s leading online marketplace. There are about ten vendors offering the product, priced at around 100-200 yuan (US$16-$32). The largest order placed was for 300 of the devices. Its sales have been unremarkable despite praise from Chinese internet users. Medical expert said the design of the rack is good but is not recommended for long-term use. The product helps reduce the pressure on the neck and lower back but staying in a sitting position for a long time would still likely to cause pain to the waist muscles. It would be better if people just stood up occasionally to relax their body. The sleeping rack support may be a good gadget with Chinese characteristics, but sometime the Chinese trains are so crowded that passengers are forced to stand for trips of a day or longer. While you are standing, the rack is useless …

The design concept of the sleeping rack.
Lots of Chinese passengers were using it during the Lunar New Year’s traveling.
SOURCE: Southern Metropolis Daily, Baidu Baike (Chinese content)