Saturday, July 25, 2015

The First 10 Things To Do with Your New iPhone 5

The First 10 Things To Do with Your New iPhone 5.
Here it is, iPhone 5 – a new landmark of smartphone development from Apple, designed to change the habits of many millions of users. The new screen, new size, new body materials. Let’s take a look again.

The evolution of the smartphone company Apple starting from iPhone 2G and ending with the penultimate model 4S, easy to probe. After the first iPhone came his plastic counterpart with 3G-network support. Next was released iPhone 3GS with featuring new camera, increasing the speed and oleophobic screen coating, and then came the era of the two best-selling iPhone 4/4S. With unique Retina-display, high-quality glass and steel body interspersed with advanced online application store. They quickly and permanently became the Standard product in the market of phones.

The First 10 Things To Do with Your New iPhone 5.

0. Unpack iPhone 5

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