Wait iPhone 7. Ok. Watch The Chinese Make Fun of iPhone by Introducing iPhone 20s (video)

Wait iPhone 7. Ok. iPhone 7 coming in 2015. Here’s a question, will the taller iPhone 7 be a reach for existing iPhone 6 users? Well, we don’t know, but at least we’re seeing some people making fun of Apple’s iPhone 7.

There are taller, longer iPhone 7 photoshops spreading on Chinese Internet, and today, the Chinese created this spoof Apple ad for a new iPhone called — the iPhone 20s — in which the new phone’s display is not just slightly taller than its predecessor—it’s a lot more taller and you don’t need scrolling anymore. Check out the video after the break.

So, the iPhone 20s features a 9.3-inch screen (4800×640 resolution), and is powered by Apple’s A25 processor which is a 10-core CPU. The phone boasts 4.5GB of RAM, a 40-megapixel camera, and has a 7100mAh battery. It comes in three storage options — 80GB, 160GB, or 320GB. The price? It starts from 18,888 Chinese yuan (about US$2,977), and it’s only available in mainland China. Okay, enough of the nonsense, we want one badly.