iPhone 6s Official Video, Keynote and Media Event.

IPhone 6s Video
IPhone 6s official video and keynote coming soon. Good news for all who wait new iPhone 6s and his "big brother" iPhone 6s Plus.

According to a new report via AppleInsider and MacRumors we can see official iPhone 6s and 6s Plus media event very soon. 9-th September. It's cool news.

"Apple is reportedly eyeing a media event for Sept. 9, where the company is expected to show off its next-generation iPhone and Apple TV hardware, and may even unveil new iPads, according to a new report." (Via AI).

We spoke with our insiders and they confirmed, that in Foxconn Chinese logistic department some workers must have vacations after 18-th September. Why? We don't know, but maybe one of the reason is new iPhone 6s release date in China.