iPhone 6S - A supplier from Guangdong was found to have 74 violations.

iPhone 6s coming soon. History repeats itself.

Why Apple will never bring manufacturing jobs back to U.S? Why? :) Where Does Apple Manufacture iPhones? Made In China. Apple has just released its annual supplier responsibility report, which shows that the company is prepared to cut off suppliers for being lax on underage labor.

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A supplier from Guangdong province was found to have 74 violations over the course of the year, and Apple has completely severed ties with the manufacturer. One of the region’s biggest staffing firms located at Shenzhen was responsible for supplying the children to the supplier’s factory, going so far as to help families forge age verification documents. Last year, Apple supplier Foxconn has drawn fire for alleged abuses related to its use of student employees and internship programs, including reports of compulsory manufacturing work, and Apple is doing their job to stop this …

In total, 11 Chinese factories were found to have employed underage workers, with 106 cases currently being investigated. In 2015, Apple is going to start requiring their suppliers to provide the number of student workers, along with their school affiliations so that they can track the issue more closely. From the perspective of health and safety, violations of Apple’s ergonomics requirements seem to be the most widespread problem for suppliers.

Only 59 percent of audits were found to be in compliance with Apple’s policy. That compares with roughly 80 percent compliance in many other areas, such as prevention of chemical exposure, and safety procedures and systems. Occupational injury prevention was lower, at 70 percent. In 2014, there were no major safety violations like explosions resulting from combustible dust.

Apple will inspect more on Foxconn’s internship programs of using student employees. Regardless of all the promises Apple seems to be making, it is at least reassuring that the company does seem to be taking their supplier responsibility seriously. Apple is clearly sending out a message that it won’t turn a blind eye on labour violations.