Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba.com is the one of the richest member in China

Jack Ma, CEO of the popular Chinese online group Alibaba.com, is the one of the richest member in the multi-billionaire club on the Chinese mainland in 2015, with a personal wealth of US$22.7 billion.

According to Forbes’ 2015 world’s billionaire rankings with his fortunes increasing by US$12.5 billion as compared to US$10.2 billion in 2011, Jack Ma became the billionaire in China who boasted a personal wealth of more than US$20 billion …

The Internet in China is starting to get mature. Major Chinese internet companies are going across the board doing major investments and minor investments, trying to broaden their reach. In 2015, they will be making the most acquisitions. It's start.

Alibaba, Weibo, Baidu, the kings of the Chinese Internet re still going to see a lot of growth. Advertising is the main driver for the Internet globally and certainly for Chinese Internet. These Chinese CEOs will properly be getting richer in 2015.