Tuesday, September 15, 2015

iPhone 5C Review, Impressions

iPhone 5C.

Here is the phone that Internet was talking about more than for two years. It’s a cheap iPhone, iPhone to Third World countries. And it was iPhone for the generation of Google. And it’s nothing close to budget iPhone. Now let's begin a complete study what Apple made for the next generation.

The Packing.

Pick your attention that the packaging of the new trendy phone is quite different from usual style of Apple. High-quality plastic, the book with an explanation what iPhone 5c is and wires. What else do you need? Oh yeah. There are headphones else.

The Look.

It reminds to me the style of the time of iPhone 3GS. High-quality plastic, everything is done at a high level. Apple knows how to make the phone from a plastic. And why Samsung could not make Galaxy S4 such quality? It’s trange. And why do they all write that Apple copied Nokia? This is a completely different product.

The Colour.

In my case it is blue. Yes, yes - blue. Bright, stylish, youth. The paint quality is on a high level, actually the plastic will be scratched, but it is reality. A good purse-cover and everything will be fine.

What’s inside?

Turn it on. We are waiting for. And ... Wow. Yes, yes, this is a new iOS 7 version on your device is so fast. If new iPhone 4s with iOS 7 running quickly, on new iPhone youth 5c it „flies“ . No delays, hangs, or turn off. You have to turn on and start to use it.

The Battery.

Everyone knows that the battery in iPhone is the strongest aspect of smartphones from Apple. And we know that the reason is the perfect collection of components for smartphones and iOS. I was afraid that in the youth version of the phone battery will be weaker, but I was wrong. The duration of it is as on my iPhone 5. That’s an excellent result.

The Price.

Everyone knows that the price of Apple products is always high and the new youth phone was no really cheap. On the other hand, it is not more expensive than Galaxy S4 disastrous for the company Samsung. The answer is obvious when you choose what to buy iPhone 5c or GalaxyS4. A new youth iPhone 5c really cool and perfectly fits into a bright and fast lifestyle of today's younger generation.

The Conclusion.

Apple has shown once again that it has the potential and decided to join the fight for the younger generation differently than the other players. No reason to make another cheap phone if you can give for young people a bright, stylish and stable device for several years. We know that even now the 3- year-old iPhone 4 is more expensive than last year's Samsung.
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