Sunday, September 20, 2015

iPhone 5S Review - Best Phone For Business & Lifestyle

iPhone 5S.

Here it is. IPhone 5S. How iPhone 5S beat all the competition we have read already. Let‘s check it in reality today.

The new phone from Apple really is stylish. 3 main colours and a variety of covers allow you to select everyone what he wants. As you hold it in your hand, you immediately realize that the phone designed to the business segment and everyone who wants to have a great product for every day.

The Packing.

Apple has always paid attention to details. It does not matter what it is - the packaging or the device or software. Everything has to be at a high level and high quality. On the other hand, we pay for all this, and pleased to see that our payment is excused. There is as usual: the smartphone, cables, headphones and papers.

The Colour.

When I saw the black (Space Gray) colour, I realized that it's mine. Touch and describe black iPhone 5S.

The Look.

I really like the design of my iPhone 5, because the new iPhone 5S remained at almost the same design and I am very pleased. I like aluminium and glass. This is my element and it‘s a reason I'm very happy about this.

The fingerprint scanner.

What can I say? Cool. There is one word. It‘s a very useful and very comfortable thin, and most importantly, it works. It is not just words, it's really handy thing. I do not have to constantly to login a code to enter the phone, just I press a finger and all. Now when you purchase in iTunes or Appstore you do not need to enter a password. It’s very convenient.

! Think about what your child will think when you turn on your smartphone with your finger. He will try to repeat it and it will not turn out.

By the way, a fingerprint only works on the arm. :)

The Speed.

We already know what is inside of this smartphone. It is the fastest processor on the market of computers (yes, yes, what to speak about smartphones from other manufacturers) . It works very quickly. The problem is that when you use a new iPhone 5S for 5-10 minutes and back to iPhone 5, you feel that you are back in the last century. It works so fast. (After iPhone5 when I take to use Samsung Galaxy S4 I couldn‘t understand how people admire their Samsung, apparently they just did not use iPhone 5).

The Battery.

Apple is not stand on one place in this matter. The battery works a little longer than in iPhone 5. It's a great record, because we understand that the device is much faster and more powerful. You can use it during the day and not worry that you will turn off. For very long use, and network and talk and video, you will still have enough charge. And how do they manage to do such a thing?

The Price.

There are three types of price as always.

First one: you pay full price and do not bound anything to anybody.

The second: a subsidy from the operator. Price is a small, 2-year contract. Use and enjoy it.

The third: you get a gift from a friend or a girlfriend. That is not for all, but only for the elite.

The conclusion.

I expected that the company will release a great device for those who wish to upgrade their iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S4. But the company has gone ahead and released a version of the smartphone that owners of iPhone 5 will want to start using it. It‘s worth it.

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