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iPhone 6S Camera, 3D Touch Display, Live Photo Review.

iPhone 6S Camera, 3D Touch Display Review: Official sales of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the world has already started, so that everyone is ready to buy a smartphone and share their experiences.

In general, the new iPhone 6s acts literate update the popular iPhone 6. There really improved everything we could without affecting, perhaps, design. However, you can bet. Aluminium is used in more sturdy glass - the strongest in the world, housing has become a little thicker and significantly heavier. So here no change has not done, And pink coloring was much better than expected.

"The only thing that's changed in the new iPhone 6s - everything." That slogan was guided by Apple, announcing the next generation of its smartphone, and with the same approach she tries to push it now.


iPhone 6s Display. 3D Touch.
At first glance, these words appear pure nonsense, because apparently the phone does not change and only has got a new coloring. As we know, change the design every year, Apple has not accepted, and because all the changes are a little deeper than the display. Yes, we are talking about 3D Touch, but it's not all that can boast of a new iPhone 6s.

Since I started with the main innovations, let us about it and move on. 3D Touch not only touch the screen, but also to put pressure on it, so the owner gets three degrees of interaction with the already familiar display.

Deep clicking on the desktop icon to activate the pop-up submenus, the pressure on the links and thumbnail image opens the preview mode, the familiar for OS X.

If the preview mode, push harder, you can go to the contents of this preview. In words, it's all a bit complicated, but in fact is very simple and you get used to that management quickly.

Unusual and uncomfortable just drag the icons to the top, so it would be wise to rearrange everything right lower, or more often used Reachability.

It's nice that all pop-up windows and menus do not slow down and the unit responds instantly, accompanying action tactile feedback through Taptic Engine. Less then, perhaps, only one - to call the same sub-menu icons have required a direct hit by a finger in the icon itself. Get used to it the longest.

What is more useful to do 3D Touch? Turns keyboard in trackpad when pressed deep (well, that company refused to venture to do it with two fingers on the iPhone screen 6 without innovation).


No more "Home"
The pressure on the left edge of the screen and a small tug in his right hand side allows you to switch between applications or view all the running earlier. Yes, the Home button for it is no longer needed.

iPhone 6s Camera:
Individual attention is camera on iPhone 6s. Front tightened significantly and increasing the resolution to 5 megapixels clearly went the iPhone favor. But the main camera, and even grew to more modern 12 megapixels, boasts strikingly different and "better" image quality can not. Photos are comparable with the iPhone 6, but the details worked out a little better.

You can not say about the video: 4K recording at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 120 frames per second, plug in his belt, most competitors.

iPhone 6s Live Photo:
Technology Live Photo is enabled by default and you may not even know that your iPhone immediately takes photos come alive on a deep contact with the screen.

By the same principle made by the new fighter's live wallpaper with fish, that's just on the lock screen would like to see at a glance their movement, rather than resorting to the touch.

On the other hand, see the lock screen, you will now be rare, and all because the second generation of Touch ID is so fast that sometimes do not have time to release your finger from the Home button and just see the time on the screen.

iPhone 6S Specifications:
We do not want to talk about stuffing iPhone 6s and indeed any iPhone, the number of cores and MHz average user interested in the least, the main thing that it worked faster and faster. In this regard, A9 chip and 2 GB of RAM are doing everything possible so that you do not have to wait long for anything.

Alas, the operating system iOS 9.0.1 has bags and in the most unexpected places, even on the new iPhone 6s, so Apple is an urgent need something to do with it.

From the curious: Spotlight in iPhone 6s again proposes and sends greetings to all iPhone 6 owners with iOS 9.1 beta, who is now such problems.
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