4-inch iPhone 6s mini leaked.

4-inch iPhone 6s mini leaked.

Some weeks ago we wrote some information about 4-inch iPhone 6S.

Today we want to tell you about such leaked photos. Some our resources leaked information that Apple will be released updated 4-inch iPhone for all, who want to buy small iPhone with big features. Example:
According to a source, iPhone 6s mini has been leaked in a Rose Gold tone and detached from sporting a smaller form factor, we could find no earthy differences between this smartphone and a incomparable shade counterparts.

At this stream point, we have no information on what hardware is going to be benefaction inside iPhone 6s mini or when a accurate recover date is going to be.

However, we do know that given a leaked images have come out, a tummy tells us that a device will many expected be expelled subsequent year.

Unfortunately but such photos is fake. It's not iPhone 6S Mini. It's iPhone 5S + special case.



It's 100% fake. Wait confirmed information from our insiders.