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Bose SoundLink Mini Review - Excellent Bluetooth speaker.

Bose soundlink mini review

Done. Bose SoundLink Mini Review. After testing of dozens portable speakers, we have learned to guess their advantages and disadvantages - even before we'll get a new device out of the box. In retrospect, nothing could have prepared us to get acquainted with Bose SoundLink Mini.

Here are the most amazing portable speakers from all we've ever surveyed. Opportunities of SoundLink Mini are several times exceed its size. And matter not in functions, but in stunning sound quality. This minimalistic, small oval trick plays that eyes of surrounding people become bigger, the pulse quickens and required amount of money falls from the wallet. It was checked.


Didn’t expect
Bose - one of the synonyms of the sound quality. The brand name pops up in the minds every time when someone searches for good acoustics for the home. Until now, their mobile speakers weren’t on our site, and it was decided to start with SoundLink Mini.


SoundLink Mini forever changed our understanding of possibilities of mobile sound and portable speakers. And not just ours. The whole Internet is replete with similar reviews from customers of device. Shock, surprise, and love from the first track: it’s how you can describe the first few minutes of possession of column. There is a question related with and addressed to competitors of Bose: how is possible to compete with that at all?


Gathering and Design
The set of speakers is almost predictable, with a small but very important surprise. In addition to the device, which lies on a plastic pedestal, there are network cable in the box, micro-USB cable and docking station with inductive charging port. About it and how much it means to the owner, we'll talk later. And now about let’s talk about “the star of program”: acute and aluminum.


Every next portable speaker on the market has a strictly rectangular shape. SoundLink Mini excels on their background: instead of perfectly straight lines - curved, rounded shapes. Body makes a parallel with the front column of an expensive set of home theater. Parallel, by the way, is not far from the truth. It’s meaningless to compare this column with portable speakers, even among large size. It will like a “beating of lying” not by hands, but by the power of sound.


All controls on the column are in the upper part of it or in the center. Opposite to the logo are all the typical keys, well accustomed to owners of portable speakers. Off, mute, volume control, a Bluetooth controller and switch of a source of incomming signal. All side buttons are in the body. This is done to adjust the volume in the dark. Or maybe just to vary the design.

LEDs of a work status are hidden in the dark gray bar between the logo and the keys. There are four. By the way, the column in compare with its size is not so easy - 670 grams still you can feel it in the hands, at the same time intuitively urge respect and confidence of the quality. Gadget lovers have a weakness: as harder - as cooler. It’s hard to overcome old habits, including objects like this; they confirm the correctness of their opinion.


Bottom is closed by tight rubber cover which successfully suppresses vibration of speakers at maximum volume and completes the picture inherent to the front speakers, but not portable. Also this plate acts as mounting of dock-station.

In the set with Bose SoundLink Mini there is a plastic dock with plug for inductive charging. It connects to the appropriate port in the column every time you install speakers on a “pedestal”. The owner gets incredibly convenient charger when he connects the power supply to the dock. That extends the best visual features of the column.

Instead of having fight with cords every time, you can simply put the speaker in the dock, and then it’s as easy to remove and bring to other place. It’s very comfortable. This allows you to hide power cord away behind the furniture and other objects, leaving only a cradle in a visible place. That looks very pretty.



It is difficult to explain a stream of impressions of owner of Bose SoundLink Mini. The sound - it's not a graphics or design, and it’s not easy to evaluate it objectively for all readers. Finding colleagues by surprising, I began to read customer reviews sites. It seems that every buyer of the speakers feel the same thing.

Remember how the portable speaker you were listening at the last time was sounded. And forget about that forever. Bose SoundLink Mini sounds as the size of its speakers are bigger for three- four times, and like there are minimum 5 speakers. I think that the engineers, who collected the first prototype of this model, felt the same as Gagarin at the time of the flight to the space.

Small and strong column from Bose as was expected reproduces high frequencies without affecting to the richness of vocals and presence of instruments. But then the real magic begins: we have not heard such detailed various midrange speakers from the mobile. There is no separate subwoofer, but the bass sounds remarkably dignified.


Bose doesn’t hurry to spread about how they were able to achieve this quality of sound. Must be, miracles come from the use of dual passive emitter of proprietary, patented construction. Through it SoundLink Mini reproduces bass frequencies unexpected detail, filling the music by depth and variety, uncharacteristic for mobile acoustics.
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