China Is Number One Country For Knockoff Goods Entering Japan

China Is Number One Country... If you are living in Japan and love the knockoff products from China, we feel happy for you.

According to Japanese customs, over 90 percent of counterfeit goods that entered Japan in 2015 were from China. The exact amount for the knockoff goods is 70,996 pieces, and this number is 11 percent higher than the previous year.

The number two country for knock-off goods entering Japan was South Korea, just 1574 pieces. Getting the third position is Hong Kong, with 1558 pieces only.

Of course, Japan is not happy on this. The Japanese custom officials are eager to work with China to come up with effective measures to counter the fakes. You must be wondering, what are the knockoffs? Well, the most popular knock-offs brought into Japan were Crocs sandals and designer handbags. Number two was the Nintendo DS and DS-related accessories. Interestingly, the custom officials say that these knockoffs do look real, noting that it is difficult to distinguish them from the original. Well, we thought there will be lots of iPhone and iPad knockoffs…