iCloud Login Page + Forgot ID or Password?

Official iCloud Login Page.

All iCloud users get a free email account for everyday. Formerly a @me.com account, from July 16, 2012 Apple has begun to activate @ icloud.com email addresses.

If you have problems with login to your iCloud account, you can reset your Apple-ID if you have trouble signing in on your account. You can do this by clicking on the Forgot ID or Password? link on iCloud.com. [link]


This will open a new window where you can reset your password by following the instructions.

But... sometimes you can look in your mailbox emails with iCloud Login Page and Forgot ID or Password instructions.

Some days ago we received messages from "Apple Inc." with link for reset our Apple-ID:


If you received such messages also - don't click on links. It's scam. If you write your login and password - you can't ever restore your iCloud account. Don't forget- official iCloud Login Page in iCloud.com