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iMac 2015 Review: What Do You Want?

We have already written about the massive update of iMac this year and even talked about why Apple has chosen these external options for the computer. Let’s look the specifications of updated iMac and find out what of his equipment is suitable for your work or studies.

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I believe that not all of our readers worked on one of iMac generation representatives. I prefer to work on MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, but about the purchase of this desktop computer I was thinking for a long. Now when Apple engineers have made such fantastic designs it’s a time to go shopping and choose between several modifications of new iMac.

As you know, iMac comes with two diagonal screen: 21.5 inches and 27 inches. Of course, younger model loses because almost all prefer to have their computer with a maximum screen diagonal (like TV). But do all need such proportions?

If you organize a work in a small office personal space of some employees can increase and other will suffer losses because of large screen. Besides other prefer to buy small one because they think that large one is impractical and very uncomfortable. But that has not stopped Schiller’s a presentation.

In the box will be a wireless keyboard from Apple, Mouse Magic Mouse, power cable and of course iMac whichever configuration you choose. Features of new iMac processors are directly proportional to their prices, except is for the youngest 27-inch model only, which has the same processor as in the older 21.5-inch. Besides, it’s able to update the last one of quad-core Intel Core i5 to Intel Core i7 up to almost the same rate as that of the most expensive package. Naturally, it will effect on the price of the computer.

What is about memory? In all iMac is installed 8 GB of RAM, but if older models can be updated only up to 16GB memory, the newer up to 32. It is not a secret that this is one of the weakest places of Apple computers, so in no way to make a mistake in this point. To the latest games 16 GB RAM even may be not enough. But it’s for Internet using, watching movies. 32 GB will be enough for those who daily use tens of gigabytes data and working with such serious programs like Aperture or Final Cut Pro.

The system will work properly on the smaller features, but if you want to make her “click speed” the same as speed of flight, for example, Airbus, you should select the best possible configuration.

You should pick your attention and on graphics card. The figures are almost the same for all models of iMac, except the older 27-inch, where you can increase the memory cards up to 2GB. In the standard is 1 GB, and in the other models 512 megabytes. So, to take the youngest iMac with 27-inch because of graphic card is senseless, just overpaid money. But there are a couple of other interesting questions.

Leave behind older 21.5-inch and the newer 27-inch models; the main discussion takes place not between them. The most violent opponents are older iMac with a screen diagonal of 21.5 inches and under 27 inches. Their characteristics are not very different at first view: of course, the screen of one is superior to the other, there are several additional opportunities to upgrade, but it is not the main thing. Fusion Drive comes on the scene. It is a special technology which combines SSD-drive and HDD hard drive with, creating a sort of hybrid vectors.

It helps to improve the performance of the system due to the fact that all programs you use more often are on the SSD, and the other on the capacious HDD. The speed work of SSD, as you know, is higher and it was clear on MacBook Air. How do Fusion Drive will influence on the choice of new iMac?

The older 21.5-inch model can be improved up to one terabyte Fusion Drive (originally on it is normal one terabyte HDD). The younger 27-inch original has one terabyte HDD, but with more rotational speed. But beyond that, in iMac possible to put up to three terabytes HDD, one or three terabytes Fusion Drive, or 768 gigabytes of flash memory. The most optimal seems not even an option with Fusion Drive but the configuration only with SSD-drive.

It means that we pay extra few hundred dollars as for advanced upgrades of 27-inch iMac (main of which is Fusion Drive) and screen. Many people think this is enough, others think that it’s too little differences and they prefer to save money and buy a less powerful model. So firstly think about the purposes you intend to use your new iMac: do you need a very large screen, so much RAM and this Fusion Drive. That's about equipment for people with a variety of activities.

Photographer: newest 27-inch iMac (the screen for photo editing should be large), 16 gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte Fusion Drive.

Player: a lot depends on which screen is more usual .But stop your choice on older 21.5-inch model with 16 gigabytes of memory and one terabyte Fusion Drive.

For everyday tasks better to use the newest iMac with upgrade up to 16 GB memory. And for the hard work we offer to buy the eldest, not because of its screen but because it can be unnecessary for you. And if you put 32 GB RAM and a maximum configuration Fusion Drive, you will see that you don’t need anything more.

The last word, of course, is up to you. And now we must wait for sales of new iMac on November and December of this year.
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