Saturday, October 24, 2015

iPad 4 Review: The new iPad has transformed into a pumpkin

The new iPad has transformed into a pumpkin: Community was waiting a maximum cosmetic updates of iPad third generation: connector lightning, a new cellular modem and enough. Rumours partly confirmed it. The reality was unexpected. Apple introduced real iPad of fourth generation. Now it is called uncomplicated «iPad with Retina-Display»

When Apple announced new iPad, it felt kind of innuendo, a certain tension. Like, like Retina-display in tablet - keep, but do not complain. There was a reason to complain. In iOS 5 UI interface worked slowly, and in general it was felt that the system is at the limit. In iOS 6 with a launching of the new iPad OS situation has improved, but has remained a trouble with the games. The tablet is not work at full resolution, or does it at the limit, but developers have to dodge and a reduce details of graphics. And many do not care about updates to their games for Retina due to productivity.

As an example we can take Fieldrunners 2. HD-version just is a pain and suffering, not a game. Many people completed iPhone version in the extended form. Pictorial 2 HD-version is postponed for the same reason - lack of productivity of tablet.

Well, will be no problems with the iPad of fourth generation. The device is based on a SoC Apple A6x. This is a tablet version of Apple A6, installed in iPhone 5. In the iPad a capacity of battery is larger, and it means a possible to add the power. System-on-a-chip based on two levels of cores ARM Cortex-A15 (the computational power twice higher than Apple A5x), plus was set twice efficient graphics chip than in Apple A5x. But more than that, the company was able to remain autonomy at the same level. It‘s 10 hours of active use of iPad!

Radio part of gadget is also fully updated : a new two-band Wi-Fi module and a new cellular modem that supports by the most world frequency LTE, GSM, CDMA and HSPA +.

Obsoleted frontal VGA-camera replaced to a trendy module FaceTime HD, the same as in iPhone 5 and iPad mini:

Large and venerable 30-pin adaptor port was replaced to miniature Lightning:

Well, actually, that's all. The rear camera has remained the same, the housing too, except that it increase to 0,1 mm (9.4 mm vs. 9.3 mm of third-generation iPad), the speaker is old and it's one, flash memory is from 16 GB to 64 GB. Prices, by the way, are the same, from $ 499 to $ 829 U.S. dollar without taxes. Start of sales, as in the case of the iPad mini, is scheduled on November 2, and the model with a cell module also will postpone for two weeks.


While competitors were trying to reach in the spring released iPad, Apple attacked them with Retina-next-generation tablet, where is no problem with the productivity and equipped one of the most technologically advanced cellular modems today. Increasing of productivity did not have influence on a battery life. The price rather high in tendency to cheap tablets, but it remained unchanged in compare with the new iPad. Show me with your finger at the real competitor of iPad 4Gen between large Android-tablet ... not like that.

With the iPad mini situation is not so clear. The tablet looks good, it is very compact and lightweight, it is metal, but technically, the device doesn‘t gets stars from the sky. Apple did not create an ultimatum solution with a Retina-display and Apple A6 on board, believing that monstrous library software will be enough.

Time will show us is this true, and I personally, going not only update my "turn into a pumpkin,“ new iPad, but also to buy in addition iPad mini. Andrian is mad? Do not deny it, there is little manic regarding gadgets and other technology. But there is also the experience of Galaxy Tab 7.7, and another large family, ever kicked her head for taking a tablet from home for business purposes. For me iPad is one of the main working tools the same as MacBook and the iPhone, it is almost always with me. IPad mini easily will replace a large table on the trip and it is much easier to use on the way, what is proved in practice with the gadget from Samsung. Plus, you can forget about the conflicts with your family.

Oh, how I dreamed to place to the Galaxy Tab 7.7 operating system iOS. In the near future dream will come true, but instead of Korean reproduction I will get more kawaii product!

Yes, finally some joy for those who have bought an old new iPad in the last 30 days. At least one of the stores in San Francisco, located on Stockton Street, is ready to change its customer’s third-generation iPad to the novelty. In addition, in United States it‘s possible to return the product within 14 days without giving a reason. It‘s another way to update the gadget. I think, Apple is fully capable to realise global 30-days programm to exchange tablets.
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