Saturday, October 31, 2015

iPad Air Review, Impressions - Best Tablet For Business & Lifestyle

iPad Air. Stylish , fast and very easy . 3 words that I want to say about this brand new product iPad Air.

iPad Air 32GB / Space Gray Wifi + Cellular

The model with this configuration is the most optimal for use in business and in play. Designated enough connection anywhere in the world and the price is not too high .

Packing and accessories:
Options in the iPad Air looks pretty familiar. They are: charging cable, Lightning , and instructions. I recall that the complete set of headphones into the iPad is not included. But we do not need , because we are using stylish BeatsPro. But the most important thing that is in the box - is itself iPad Air.

Visually iPad Air itself is really different from previous models of tablet iPad. First - it is smaller in size, but the size of the display remains the same . But the most important thing - it has become much easier than iPad 3 or iPad 4 . Apple is always known for the fact that the product does not just beautiful, but very beautiful. Attention to detail brings a very great result - iPad Air is very nice to hold in their hands, they want to not only enjoy, but just look, look and look at its design.

In this case, the color Space Gray leaves all competitors behind . IPad Air looks so beautiful in this color , it's hard to pick him under cover. At the moment we have decided what kind of cover is needed for it.

Fast, very fast, very fast . Here is how you can describe the new iPad Air. And it is not just words, it is a reality . If you have to use your new iPhone 5S, you will understand us .

At the moment it is difficult to characterize the quality of the batteries as soon as we go through 3 cycles of charge and discharge of our tablet , we will be able to tell you about it . The practice of using previous -generation iPad shows that ads 10 hours of intensive use exactly guaranteed.


We all know that the iPad is very easy to use , and now that it has become even easier and significantly , a fact that suggests that it is ideal for the business traveler who is constantly on the go and for entertainment. Having bought a new iPad Air, we begin to ask the question involuntarily - and whether Apple's new iPad Mini release 2 , as the difference in size and weight is very small. But that's another story.
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