Saturday, October 31, 2015

iPhone 5 First Impressions

IPHONE 5 REVIEW: iPhone 5. There was not yet in the history of technology so discussed phone. A huge number of photos, reviews, and comments divided users on a two camps. Some admires and enjoys by him and his work, the other is completely reject him and predicting a close collapse of the empire Apple inc.

I decided to go a little different way. Usually, I try to learn references of the first customers and reviews of reputable technology websites, but this time I did not do that. Why? Because I start to see that the reviews from reputable websites have recently become very different from ordinary users reviews. It seems that either their needs grew too quickly, either in pursuit of popularity or a desire to attract more readers to their topics. And this applies to the review of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, but also to the production of Samsung.

I did a conclusion after using more than a month of my new iPhone 5. The phone just created for me. Why? I like it.
I like:
1) That I keep it in my hand and freely write this message.
2) That it is very easy to use
3) That the phone display is not huge, but enough not only to write letters use internet or read texts, but also to understand where to go without maps.
4) That the battery holds 2 days if I listen music, use Internet and call to someone
5) That the side and back surface is made of aluminium. It's just cool. Scratched? No, if you do not throw the device anywhere. In the car, he lies on the panel and there are no scratches.
6) That when I will finish this article, it will be on my Mac in a few seconds and I will insert it on our site.

What else can I add to the topic about iPhone 5. I would name him Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein in the world of technology. If you like the style and convenience, and the financial position allows you to buy this phone, I recommend it. And do not listen any Engadget or Gizmodo. Apparently they like "not branding" products or they did not understand what they want from the phone.

iPhone 5 is not a revolution in the world of phones, but it is really modern and very comfortable device. It is made of very high quality materials, (no one competitor used it). It has an excellent design and stable and secure antivirus iOS 6.

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