Thursday, October 1, 2015

iPhone 6 32GB. When?

iPhone 6 32GB
Why there is no iPhone 6 32 GB? IPhone 6 is commercially available in 3 ranges of data size: 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. It looks like a strange line in iPhone, but there is a reason. All we know that analytics and all who wished to buy new iPhone 6 worried that it will be much more expensive than previous model iPhone 5s.

Apple Company made differences and moved by another way. Increasing the number of functions, greatly improving the quality of the camera, integrated payment system Apple Pay, increasing and updating the display to 4.7-inches, she was able to keep the price of iPhone 6 in the same cost range. How it was done? Everything is verysimply.

IPhone 6 and is available with 16 BG and 128, but the price of them is significantly different. The company managed to "not jump in a price" for those to whom the price of iPhone 6 is important, so they can safely buy 16 GB version. And for whom the price is not so important they significantly overpaying for 64 or 128 gigs version and thus pays for those who bought 16 gigs. Surprisingly, but this system is working. And what is most important, that the buyers of 16 gigs version pleased that they could afford a top smartphone for the "normal" cost and the owners of 64/128 gigs.
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