Friday, October 30, 2015

iPod Touch 5 Complete Review

So, iPod Touch 5G is iPhone 5 without a „calling service“. New sensory player is analogous with the new Smartphone from Apple by programming and functionality. But touch couldn‘t improve a life of the owner of „5“if you exclude Loop from the list. Let‘s make clear, do you need this device.

1. The owner of iPod Touch 4 without other setups on iOS you should go to the shop. And you should sell a „codger “or to put in a drawer of the tablet. There is no doubt. And the hosting shouldn’t embarrass you. What’s a diff if you want to break your chromium-plated iPod every day?

2. The owner of iPhone 5/iPhone 4S: other gadgets don’t matter if you buy touch 5 as a copy of your Smartphone or as a gift to your household if you want to habituate them to Apple ecosystem. Touch is a best choice for children. You will put a Loop on their hand and they can disport. No need to worry if you will give your fragile iPhone to a kid.

3. The owner of iPhone 3G/3GS/4, other iPhones and tablets who wish to use last technologies, new games/programmes and enlarged screen should buy Touch 5. I think that the owners of old iPhones just get used to their Smartphones as “caller- e-mails- browser”. In this was Touch is a good addition to come back to “order” without a need to sell your main phone.

4. The owner of iPad of any generation without other Apple gadgets: to buy only in a way if you need a mobile companion with an access to Apple ecosystem. Remember that Touch hasn’t 3G module, it means that it wouldn’t be better than other iPad in the places where no Wi-Fi internet

5. The ownwe of iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, Apple TV and other: I’m sure that you will buy Touch 5, and no need any discussion.
At least, don’t forget that iPod touch 5 also is a player with 32 and 64 GB memory, plus uncounted storage of deleted music with a possibility to download it. Would you a like a “cool” player. You don’t have another choice.

Conclusions and summary
I’m writing this line on iPod touch 5 and understand that this device left our habit-forming categories long time ago. This is a wonderful player with a mass of possibilities. This is a best internet-tablet till 5 inches. It’s a playing console with a huge amount of cheap and quality games, which follows sterling notebooks. It’s not bad escort with a useful adds as calculator, diary. For now it’s a good camera with a good quality and possibility to share with all by a hundred ways. In addition it’s a assembled, united, comfortable to use and nice looking gadget from Apple.

And the price is less for 300 U.S. dollars in minimum complication. IPod 4 doesn’t disappear from the market. It’s possible to by it in modification for 200 U.S. dollars for 16 GB and 32 U.S. dollars for 32 GB model. There is a question about the necessity of more expensive purchase. If you will buy a cheaper touch now, it will “strike” the same as previous one. To add some money is much better. I suggest thinking about all “plus” and all “minus” if you decide to buy touch or 4S.

For now we will forget about a price and will put it behind. New Touch is a best player, the engine of progress, only joy of all line of iPod and it is a leader of multimedia-players on a market. I will return it to you in a one way if i will break it.

+ Wonderful display with wonderful colours
+ Great productivity on a level as iPhone 4
+ Good camera. You wouldn’t be ashamed to show pictures from it.
+ EarPods innovates all headphones cheaper than 15 $
+ Flat cover (the joy of touch owner)
+ Loop (practical staff with an active lifestyle)
+ iOS 6 and App Store (it wouldn’t be boring for 2-3 years)

- Materials of hosting is unpleasant to touch
- Front camera has renewed but until now “there is no about”
- It’s slim and that can bring discomfort
- The battery is useful still for 1 day
- Lack of 3G- modem reduces functionality
- The player doesn’t lays straight because of camera camber
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