Saturday, October 24, 2015


THE NEW IMAC REVIEW: BEST IMAC IN THE HISTORY OF THE LINE: All informed person said that it wouldn‘t be. Nevertheless, here they are. It is new, sportingly slim iMac: 21,5-inch and 27-inch. No, you will not find Retina displays and optical drives too. But this is the best iMac in the history of the line.

The thickness on the top of both iMac is 5 millimetres. Of course, the back panel is thicker, but its shape has allowed Apple to capture the mono-blocks in a best angle. You feel like the thickness of whole housing is 5 mm.

Apple has used three innovative technologies to achieve such result. First is a stir welding of aluminium body parts by rubbing. It came from the aviation and military industries. The junction of two parts specially softened, not leading to the melting point. The surface can be integrated in this state and possible to get aluminium housing only by this way, like both new iMac.

The display is also made in favour of the minimum thickness. Engineers applied the so-called full lamination and removed two millimetre gap between the LCD(TFT) panel and glass. Totally they won about 5 mm compared to the previous iMac display. Full lamination is the second innovative. Plasma spray is third one and is used mainly for smaller surface areas, such as: camera glass or the visor of the jet aircraft pilot helmet. (!) Glass is covering by subtle layers of special substances that help to reduce the reflectivity. IMac display reflects up to 75% less light, that why the picture is brighter and saturated. Gamut is wide by three-step calibration, which is subjected every instance of the display. Resolution is not changed either in 21.5-inch (Full HD, 1920x1080), not a mono-block with 27-inch (2560x1440).

All eight generations of iMac.

About the performance. The latest processor Intel Core i5 and i7 processors based on Ivy Bridge, as well as graphics from NVIDIA (GeForce 640M, 650M, 660M and 675MX) - this, of course, great, but we want to focus on Fusion Drive. Fusion Drive is a special configuration of the memory devices in iMac, when the hard drive and SSD are in use. The cores of the systems are stored together with the corresponding files on SSD, and the system places the content on the HDD. That is, OS X is responsible for all activities within the Fusion Drive. So the hard drive and SSD work independently in ganged mode to create a single logical drive. The user needn‘t know where is his file on these two devices. He needs a speed when is available a large volume of space. Fusion Drive takes the best of both types of devices. This function is OS X, which is also available on the new Mac mini.
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