Friday, October 23, 2015

The one simple question which changed Steve Jobs’ life.

I like my Mac, iPhone and iPad. Sometimes i see some articles about man who create such products. Steve Jobs.

Since the founding of Apple in 1976, the computer genius Steve Jobs almost all his time gave his beloved work. He was present at each meeting and only time in my life miss an important business meeting. "The reason, perhaps, was to be weight?" - You might think. How could such a dedicated and responsible person at the meeting exchanged for something else?

Quite simply: Jobs skipped this meeting for a first date with a beautiful girl, who later became his wife.

Somehow Steve spoke at the University of the report. In the audience sat while his future wife, whose name was Lauren Powell. She liked Steve, and he decided to meet with her after his speech. They exchanged phone numbers.

Steve did not want to wait a long time and on the same day decided to invite the girl to have dinner with him. But, as often happens, there was one obstacle - scheduled business meeting.

Sitting in the car, Steve asked a very important question: "What would I have done if it was the last day of my life?". After some consideration, he quickly returned to the university, found Lauren and took her with him. From that moment on they were never separated.

I understand that things are not always - this is wisdom. And if the person remembers it, his soul immediately inflames passion, it appears the courage to take risks and is fully immersed in the game, which we call life.

Ask yourself this question often. It will help you focus on the main and most important. Do it before it's too late!
Right now what you would do if it was the last day of your life?
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