Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Why do people buy iPhone 6, but not Samsung Galaxy S5.

New iPhone 6 is selling around the world and brings the envy to all competitors, including Android smartphones Samsung. Many analysts predicted a drop in sales of new iPhone 6, but their expectations did not confirmed again.

Personally, I am once again ensured that analysts undeservedly gets their salaries no need to listen them matter how “advanced” they are. There is a simple question, why iPhone 6 and all smartphones based on iOS 8 are particularly popular among users. One of the main reasons is the stability and protection of data. Example of “leaky” of Android smartphones is disability to guard user data from hackers and criminals.

Here is one example: Android application allows to record phone calls, SMS, MMS, location, to turn on the recorder without warning a user, and more other. It’s possible easy access to the collected information directly from the program. There is an option to hide the application shortcut, it means the user will not know that this program is installed on a smartphone which is running by Android (Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and others).

I remind you that this is very easy action for those who want to get someone’s information from Android smartphones. If you are the owner of Android smartphone, be careful and make sure what information you download, what sites you visit, from who send you mails or who send you a photo through WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook. Using Android, you should always check not to get any virus or Trojan.
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