Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why I Wait iPhone 6!

I like my iPhone 5S. I always visit clients which are mainly not poor people: businessmen, heads of various offices, sometimes officials. Until recently, I was a regular user of the push-button phone and I was satisfied. It was comfortable to write message and don´t´ look on the phone as I always driving. No need to charge these phones often, they are good after rough handling and no problem with them in the winter. And they are with 2 SIM cards what were necessary for me.

The problem is that all my clients have iPhone. And at one moment I realized that I needed surely last model iPhone. Then it was 4s, after I have bought 5 and now it´s 5s. Yesterday I saw new gold “S” in the hands of my client.

Work off time I communicate with friends. That´s good I have a lot of friends and all are different. They all work in different places: they are factory workers, programmers, designers, researchers, sellers, businessmen, lawyers ... and others. So, the vast majority of smartphones on Android, there are people with flagships from Samsung. Some have button telephones, some WP. Only my colleagues´ lawyers have iPhone. One day I decided to ask my friends a question like “why they don´t use iPhone?” The answers I've heard were very different, but the general idea is: “I don´t need it”.

I had the same thought before, but now for some reason I cannot imagine my life without a smartphone on iOS. Despite the many inconveniences that I encounter when use my device; I have no desire go back to the old button phone. The first time I had a button phone for the second sim card. Now I have the previous model of iPhone.

So I had a thought that maybe it's the other reason? Maybe people do not know what they want? Or do they just think that it is wrong to spend so much money on the phone?

I will say about myself. I do not use half features which are possible with iPhone. I have a lot of applications, but every day I use less than ten of them and completely satisfied with the phone. As I would be satisfied with a phone on Android or WinPhone, but I cannot use them, and I have no regrets about it.

In iPhone successfully combines expressed in value prestige and, for example, “superb” materials of the body, also a crazy functionality to satisfy any user. People take credits to buy iPhone, students ask their parents iPhone for a birthday just, the prize in the contest is surely iPhone.

Strange that in our “era of smartphones” (or “post-PC era”) many happily live without smartphones, and some even almost do not use computers. Somebody's not sitting on one place and does not have a computer at home, but they have a good smartphone and / or laptop. The richer people become the victims of “status” and cannot afford to refuse to buy iPhone, because for them this is an accessory like a watch or cuff links, while the functional is not important.

The world is full of interesting things and to have an expensive phone is not the most interesting thing that can happen with you. You can have a short journey for 1,000 euros, make cosmetic repairs in an apartment or have a good treatment. It is better to choose the first one if there is a choice between these things and the phone.

Of course it´s silly to write such a thing on the site which visits fans of “apple” gadgets, but I hope there is someone else who can imagine life without iPhone and will read this article without gush of anger because I was trying to describe everything objectively as possible. Thank you for your attention!
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