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Bose Freestyle Review - Best Earphones for lifestyle.

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Bose Freestyle. Bose again. If you don't understand what we are talking about it, we recommend before reading this review about headphones Bose Freestyle, read our review of the portable speakers Bose Soundlink Mini.

Today it's difficult to find someone who can lead a life without a smartphone or tablet and especially without music. With music we encounter everywhere, from the sound alarm and ending lullaby music for our children. Each day, the music accompanies us, so those who like to listen to what he likes, he tries to carry great headphones, smartphone and your personal playlist. For such users, the Bose offers a earphones (headphones) called Bose Freestyle.

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Colorful package Bose Freestyle immediately catches the eye.

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Bose Freestyle has standard for this price segment package, which includes headphones, stylish case and extra set of nozzles for smaller or larger ears (default attached medium size). What we need more? Only iPhone and music.

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Please note that the Bose Freestyle headphones has't the standard size of the round shells, but it is a special nozzle in the form of droplets than that like of Apple Earpods, but for the convenience of fixation in a completely high level. They are not only inserted into the ear, but also convenient fixed them in the shell of the ear, so when jogging or sprinting, you will not lose them. And most importantly, that with proper fixation, the music goes directly into your ear, you will not be distracted by extraneous sounds, you feel it.
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So, take your smartphone, in this case a golden iPhone 6, connect, and ...

Sound. The sound is great. I just remember the quality of the previously mentioned speakers Bose Soundlink Mini. Headphones satisfy the most serious inquiries of those who like have not just "pop", but really cool sound. Add to these undeniable benefits are still a number of proprietary technologies Bose, who do not Freestyle only attractive but also extremely technological solutions.

If you're a fan of modern music in the style of Armin or you like guitar and drum parts, you will be surprised, but these "kids" perfectly capture the sound quality is quite low and in the high range. It turns out very decent quality in a miniature size. And why are we not surprised?

Bose Freestyle Review GDeluxe

See how they look great paired with a golden iPhone 6.

If we talk about the design of the headphones themselves, immediately attracts a stylish solution to the two-color headphone cord itself, which looks great and will be an excellent reflector headlights at night. You will always be able to find, even if it is hard to remember where you threw them after training or returning from a journey. They are very visible, so even on the beach, you can easy to see them in the sand, as if they suddenly will.

Headphones Bose Freestyle feature rubberized wire which reaches just over 1 meter in length and has a small remote control. Partly clothespin clothing, will protect the headphones from rocking from side to side. The wire is pretty thin but durable. Remote protected from moisture, equipped volume buttons, the multifunction keys to control playback and microphone.


If you often talk on the phone in the street, the other person will hear you quite well even in the wind. This is especially important when you in the morning or evening jog around your house or quarter. Bose Freestyle has also low weight, and this condition is reached. Headphones weigh only about 18 grams.

So! If you are looking for headphones for every day through which you want to listen to music in high quality and that will suit you in the gym or on a trip, you recommend to buy Bose Freestyle. It's very good earphones for your lifestyle. Music. Respect. Bose.

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