Sunday, November 8, 2015

What is Cloud Computing.

Ok. What is Cloud Computing? In fact, Cloud Computing – Is data processing technology, in which the software provided to the user as an Internet service. The user has access to the own data, but can not control the operating system and the software itself, you are working with (care for the infrastructure it is also not necessary).

Directly “cloud” refers to the network, which just hides many technical details. This in a nutshell. Now let’s look at all the little deeper.

Now a simple question – why all this is necessary? Answer. For small, in general, the money you get access to a reliable infrastructure with the necessary performance to you. Uptime commercial systems are generally guaranteed at a level of three to five nines (99.9% and higher), which means no more than a few minutes – hours downtime per year.

No need to be a rocket scientist to use this system – it uses a simple and well-defined protocols and API. And more importantly – virtually unlimited scalability!

By purchasing a regular hosting, you can not jump over your head and a sharp spikes in demand risk to get crashed for a few hours service. In the Cloud Computing, additional resources are available upon request. And if your script is password hacked require suddenly to calculate a couple of processors and gigabytes of memory (girlfriend also read our magazine and closed its pictures password), it does not become a problem. And after all relish in the fact that these resources do not have to buy immediately, paying bills wild – functionality can grow at any time. That is why Cloud Computing – a real godsend for startups, whose owners can not predict in advance: shoot their project or not.

Are you ready for answer what is Cloud Computing real godsend for you?
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