Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Best iPhone 6 Cases - Nodus Access Case Review.

Best iPhone 6 Cases: Why Nodus Access Cases is the Best case for iPhone 6? Ok. Let's go bro. 2 months ago I bought a new iPhone 6 for my beloved wife. The problem was with the covers, because at that time there simply wasn't a decent cover in the market. I didn't have any choice and bought Huax. The wife liked it, but I didn't. I don’t like silicone.

A few days later second iPhone 6 arrived. It was for me. As in the case with the first iPhone 6, I did not find any covers for myself. The only solution that I came up with at thattime was atested Bugatti Handmade in Europe -cheap and comfortable But this case is designed for 1-2 months. After that you can’t carry your iPhone 6 in this case.


Within a few months I have reviewed a lot of iPhone 6 cases, from Huax to the premium version of Hugo Boss and Porsche Design. In some cases thedesign is bad, in other - the low quality materials.


Today I have good news for all who want to buy a high quality iPhone 6 case. It’s a case-book Nodus iPhone 6 Case. That's what I need!

Nodus has a matte, smooth and pleasant to touchsurface cover. It goes without saying that this is a natural material. You can buy light and dark version. I ordered a light case, it looks very stylish.



Inside the cover there is a material similar to leather shammy like in Porsche 911. In a case there is a small pocket for one or maybe two credit cards. Nodus case will not make your closed cover with your iPhone look too thick. So, it is very easy to use. I like it.


I like the look of the back side. However, you can’t see an Apple logo on your Case; which is strange since it's the case for iPhone 6. In my opinion, a cover version with a circle on the back side would be perfect. If you see the Apple logo, you can see a social status of the iPhone 6 owner. Many iPhone 6 owners value the fact that other people don’t see which smartphone they are using: iPhone, Samsung or BlackBerry. But I'm sure that the high quality of all the other features might compensate for the lack of the Apple logo .


Cut-out for the entire bottom face of the iPhone 6 case guarantees that the users can freely listen to music when the case is closed. Until now, I have refused cover-books due to the fact that during my talkiPhone cover would shamefully hang down. With Nodus iPhone Case 6 this will not happen. Nodus Case is made of expensive materials; so, it should serve for a few years.

So, what is Nodus iPhone 6 Case? It's – a stylish, comfortable and high quality case-book for iPhone 6 which provides decent protection from all the sides of your smartphone. This case is a good choice for those who like living without a wallet while carrying iPhone 6 in his/ her pocket or in a bag among other things. You will always be able to carry some of your main credit cards as well. It is very comfortable.




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