Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ducati Cases For iPhone 5 - VENTARE DRACOdesign Series

This slim , stylish and powerful phone as iPhone 5s deserves the rim, which will not be weighted and do it too cumbersome . Aluminum bumper VENTARE DRACOdesign from 150 euros - is a licensed product DUCATI, with curves for a better position in the hand , protect your phone in case of falls and subtle satin glow, leaving a very subtle sense of exclusive accessories .

Inspired superbike Ducati 1199 Panigale S, blew Asia, America and Europe from bumpers VENTARE DRACOdesign - bumpers are design for mobile phones that carry the genes of speed and beauty DUCATI.

The set includes an aluminum bumper, branded DUCATI DRACOdesign and lace at the neck and a metallic sticker in the form of logos DUCATI. As the name of the manufacturer of motorcycles already appears on the bottom of the bumper sticker and metallic lace, perhaps may seem a bit redundant , but not for the fans DUCATI.

Special screwdriver -tip stylus and two spare screw included as well , which is very convenient and also you may want to hang it on your keychain - this advantageous bumpers DRACOdesign Unlike the previous generation.

VENTARE available in six colors : black, gray , silver , white and gold and brass . The sides of the bumper are made of aircraft grade aluminum , and the top and bottom - made ​​of polycarbonate , which helps to minimize interference caused by aluminum. The combination works fine and no problems with the connection has not been noticed .

The inside of the bumper on all corners and sides are located padding . On the bottom panel are holes for the speaker and microphone , and Lightning- port large enough and suitable for cables DRACO. Built back plastic button performs a decorative function , and combines the power button and volume control . There is even a black plastic switch silent mode . For those who like to cling to the phone wrist strap , made ​​two small holes at the bottom right .
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