Monday, December 21, 2015

iPhone 7 Camera Specifications for Selfie.

iPhone 7 Camera Specifications. I like Selfie. Today we can see the astounding features by the coming iPhone 7:

The camera of 2016's Apple iPhone 7, as per the rumors is expected to be of 12 MP in iPhone 7 with a 8 MP front facing camera. So iPhone 7 according to the estimates and such trends. Why? We know that iPhone owners like selfies. This mean that 8 MP front facing camera will be best way for such lifestyle.

That would be even perfect for the selfies as well as the vacation album! Apple never compromises with the iPhone 7 display as well as the Camera Quality for everyday. The iPhone 7 will show very amazing quality for both. Wow... Cool.

Apple will surely add some extra to the camera to make it more awesome and interesting. On whole the camera will be good as per the expectations of the device and as per the camera in the previous galaxy note 6 devices. More is yet to be revealed here in the coming days!

If it will be true, Apple will be released iPhone 7 in September 2016. Don't forget, that iPhone 7 price in usa will be same like iPhone 6S.
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