iPhone 7 Leaked Videos spread on the Web. It's 100% Fake. Confirmed.

Hello iPhone owners. Today we want to tell you that fake iPhone 7 leaked video spread on the web.

It's 100% fake. We spoke with our Foxconn workers (insiders), and they confirmed that Foxconn don't have examples with next generation iPhone 7.

If you don't believe our workers, you can see that this example (fake iPhone 7) have USB connector. We know that Apple will not release their products with USB.

So finally we are here now to discuss about the iPhone 7 specifications and features of the smartphone. If we talk on the basis of past trends and about the past of Apple iPhone 7 it took a lot of patents of microchips in the year 2015 that would be fitting in the future generation smartphones of Apple iPhone 7 so this makes the feature and the specification of the Device more interesting. Ok. Here you can see more about iPhone 7.