Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Apple Q1 2016 results. 26-th January.

Apple Q1 2016 results. I wish Apple successes, but the fact that Apple shares fall worries me.

The results of the previous fiscal quarter, which Apple reported in October last year, proved to be very worthy, despite some seemingly significant setbacks in the form of falling sales of iPad and a low share of Apple Watch.

As a rule, the report for the first quarter of probation of the new year is the most important for Apple. Probably, this time in the company still will publish the whole story about the financial flows and the results of sales of core products. The most interesting for many fans (and investors too) is the success of Apple Watch and may bring their total profits.

According to some reports, wearable gadget still managed to win the hearts of consumers, received the title of most desired gift for Christmas and New Year and pushing Apple's slightly larger ways. But the market situation is "apple" tablet is not something that has not improved, but rather, on the contrary, "slipped" even more. Even iPad Pro - hope and support of the company - was not able to pull the sale of "pills" for yourself. But we will not speculate, but rather wait for the official data.
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