Friday, January 8, 2016

Bad iOS 9.3 Battery Life, How To Fix

iPhone 5S China Mobile
How many runs the battery on my brand new iPhone 5s or iPad Air. My iPhone 5S installed version iOS 9.3 average work without charging for about 2 days . How so? Using Apple's iPhones since 2010 (starting with the iPhone 3Gs and ending iPhone 5s). I noticed that some have the same model is long and fine, others hear only discontent and confusion. Why is this happening ?

People who use smartphones are constantly faced with the problem of discharging their gadgets. We can find a huge number of helps and advices like "how to extend the battery life on the iPhone". I want to once again remind us that if you configure your smartphone updated on confirmed by Apple iOS, properly belong to the unit , it can last you a long time and will not let the right moment.

Remember, your device will serve you for a long time , if you will properly handle it.

How To Reboot iPhone

1) The first thing to do - open the multitasking bar (by double-clicking on the iPhone Home button) and close all applications.
2) After that, you need to do a hard reset:
Simultaneously hold the Home button and the Power button until the device restarts and displays the logo of Apple!!!
3) That's all. Done. :) It's very simple.
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