Friday, January 8, 2016

Windows Phone 2016 Will Be The Second In Smartphone Market

Competition among mobile operating systems is growing and is exacerbated by the day. Basically, the struggle is between iOS and Android in clear numerical advantage of the latter. Almost outsider is Windows Phone. Nevertheless , in Forbes expect that Microsoft will be able to circumvent Apple's mobile operating system market over the next three years.

According to the previous quarter , shipments of Android devices accounted for 81% of all smartphones . iOS is second with a very significant lag - 12.9% . Closes the top three Windows Phone. Mobile operating system from Microsoft was set at 3.6 % of delivered smartphones. Windows mobile successes while frankly not impressive. But not Forbes.

Projected economic authoritative editions , Windows Phone over the next three years ahead of iOS. As a prerequisite for such a growth rate is called castling supply devices running the operating system. Over the past year , he was 156 % compared with the same period in 2012 . Hence the growth of the market share from 2% to 3.6%. As for Apple, then in the same period iPhone lost market share : from 14.4% to 12.9% .

There remains one important aspect not considered in Forbes . IPhone sales decline is explained by constantly circulating rumors about the next generation of the model output . It is not yet come the iPhone 5, as it was already a couple of months there is information about the next flagship Apple. This led to the fact that many buyers are put off buying apple smartphone until September. Also take into account the data Forbes figures of the previous quarter, which ended ten days after the start of sales of iPhone 5s. Thus , the fourth quarter of 2013 could significantly change the balance of power in the market. Especially because not once, not twice reported increased demand for Apple devices in anticipation of the holidays .

As repeatedly stated by Tim Cook , Apple does not tend to lead in terms of sales or deliveries . Clearly, no one at Apple would not mind , but the level of income and profits are American companies still say that the strategy of the company from Cupertino itself fully justified . Microsoft can really get ahead in the future, Apple's smartphone market , but the first test of this theory will be held in the current quarter , the results of which will tell us if not all , many things .
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