Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2016 iCloud Price Plans For iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac.

Today we want to remind 2016 iCloud price plans for our iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Macs. We know that Apple have one of the most popular personal Cloud storage service for everyone.

Everyday when we use our devices, when we make photos, write messages or emails we can see that in iCloud becomes less and less space. It's normal, because we don't want delete our files, but we want to sometimes use our photos or messages on new devices or send for our friends. For this reason Apple have big iCloud storage plans started at 200GB.


Now iCloud is more tightly integrated with the Mac-applications. Any applications that support the new function "Documents in the Cloud", such as TextEdit, Pages / IWORK and others, are now automatically synchronize all changes made to documents via iOS-device and Mac, and you have quick access to iCloud-storage. It seems to work with Google Docs (like Google Drive), or edit the document to Dropbox on your computer, but there are some interesting nuances:

1) Your iCloud-disk looks like a place to save, when you open the dialogs. Thus, you can easily select and save files directly to iCloud, instead of on your Mac.
2) For easily move files from your Mac to iCloud: drag the file from the Finder window to iCloud.
3) Quick exchange of files (via email, message, or AirDrop) from your iCloud account through ikonochku share.
4) Quick view documents saved in iCloud (separated by spaces), rename the documents, organizing them into folders, and so on.

So. Now you can understand why iCloud is most popular personal Cloud storage service for everyone.
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