Monday, February 8, 2016

iPhone 6c Price Without Contract + Unlocked.

iPhone 6c price in Usa (incl. Canada) has strange situation. 16GB or 64Gb? Unlocked or Locked.  With or Without Contract? ATT, Verizon or Sprint? IPhone 6c price strategy has new way...

For many years, Apple sold their smartphones (incl. iPhone 4) as part of a constant pricing policy. Get the basic model of the flagship iPhone without being tied to an operator is available for $ 649. To have a smartphone with the increased size of memory buyer must pay another $ 100 or $ 200 depending on the desired volume.

We know that the demand for a new compact smartphone 4-inch iPhone 6c 2016 model will be really mass, it does not prevent Apple to increase the price of 4-inch iPhone at $ 100. The increase in the cost of the simplest devices entail a logical increase in the price of 4,7 and 5.5-inch iPhone.

if it will be true, real 16GB's iPhone 6c price in Usa will be started at $549. It's mean that new iPhone 7 16GB will be at $699.
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