Wednesday, February 3, 2016

iPHONE 7 USA Release Date, Full Specifications

iPhone 7 USA Release Date, Full Specifications and price.

Plastic insert the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, of course, are not strange whim Jonathan Ive - hidden beneath the antenna, which can not work through the impermeable metal radio waves.

According to some company supplying enclosures for mobile devices Apple, will use a new material for the new iPhone7. This would eliminate the bands encircling the body of the smartphone. Small inserts, as mentioned, will be only at the edges.
Moreover, thanks to an innovation, phones will be protected from moisture in the inner part.

The new iPhone7 not be serving a camera that many annoying iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6s. Designers and engineers are Apple, which could put a number of parts in such a small camera module, deserves great respect.

Up to this point to make a thinner module with the same quality of shooting is not possible, the only possible solution to the issue protruding camera could become only thicker casing smartphone.
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