Tuesday, February 9, 2016

iPhone not working after update, How To Fix When

You will soon be able to buy iPhone 7. After that you will be seen lots messages with iPhone not working... after update. Opps. How to fix it? Ok. We can help you now.

Apple protect the fingerprint data using a secure environment Secure Enclave, working together with Touch ID. When your iPhone repaired at an authorized service center of Apple, Apple re-calibrates the Touch ID sensor to work with the iOS via iTunes. This ensures that the iPhone and iOS features that require the use of Touch ID module, remain protected. If iOS detects the absence of calibration, iPhone is switched off for safety reasons.

So. If you want to repair your Touch ID on your iPhone, you must understand that you can do it only in authorized service center of Apple. If you live far from Apple Store or authorized service center of Apple, when you bought iPhone, you must be sure that your Touch ID works perfect on your iPhone.

How to fix when iPhone not working after update - sometimes only one way - you must go to authorized service center of Apple.
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