Wednesday, March 9, 2016

iCloud Login - How To iCloud Sign In Now.

iCloud Login Service replaced the service MobileMe, which is used to synchronize bookmarks, emails and documents between devices. Unlike MobileMe, the use of which cost $ 99 a year, you can became a free iCloud Login service. ICloud Login users will be able to be stored on remote servers and synchronize Apple not only music, but also contacts, images, applications, videos, documents and other files.

iCloud Login Page Support service is included with the operating system iOS. Access to iCloud Login Page have desktop computers Mac or PC. The user is given 5 gigabytes of server space for storing mail, documents and backups. Storage space for music, books, and applications will not be limited.

You can move to a remote server, you can not only tracks purchased in iTunes, but the entire music collection. This you can do with the help of service iTunes Match. He will scan the contents of the disk and the user will find matching tracks found the iTunes Store, which has a catalog of 18 million tracks. iTunes Match is a paid service - will cost 24.99 dollars a year.

Because it is a very popular service, many attackers wish to access your data in iCloud Login Page. If you've got emails like on screenshots - do not respond to it and ignore.



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