Wednesday, March 9, 2016

OneDrive Login Storage Plans. Updated.

OneDrive login storage plans updated. Microsoft cut their OneDrive Cloud storage for all users.

About a year ago, Microsoft announced that subscribers pay for using the software package Office 365 in a gift receive an unlimited amount of free space in OneDrive. As a result, described in the company, some users began to use the service inappropriately, pumping there, for example, a collection of films of tens of terabytes.

That Microsoft is not arranged, so that now subscribers to Office 365 will have to settle cloudy SPACE 1 TB. All users will be notified in the mail, after which they will have three months to keep all of its content to the local drive. After this attribute files in OneDrive change to "read-only", but even then users will have nine months to take care of your records. As a result, the account can be blocked or deleted.
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