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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S - iPhone 6s or wait for 7

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S = iPhone 6s or wait for 7? Maybe iPhone SE? :) Some resources just announced rumors about the release of iPhone 7 have already started to circulate at almost every tech and news blogs.

While some people are standing in ques to buy iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, some others have planned to skip upgrading to iPhone 6S and decided to wait for the release of iPhone 7. Those who decided to wait, they have a long way to go as the iPhone 7 release date is expected to be sometime in September or October next year. So technically they will have to wait for almost a year !

I receive many requests online as well offline seeking my suggestions whether to go for iPhone 6S or wait for iPhone 7 and to address to those requests, today I decided to write a post on the same so that it could help other people as well.

If we talk about predecessors (6 and 6 plus) of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, there is not much difference. Therefore if you own iPhone 6 or 6 Plus you may skip buying iPhone 6S and wait for iPhone 7 to be released next year. Also see: iPhone 7 release date, specs, price and features

However, I came across several crazy people who are desperately needed the iPhone 6S. I will be listing down several reasons in this post that may convince you to wait for iPhone 7 as I personally believe that upgrading to iPhone 6S/6S Plus from iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is not quite a good idea because apart from major features of 3D touch and improve camera pixel, there is not much difference.

Moreover the new iPhone received critics about poor battery life that could be improved in iPhone 7. On the other hand If you have iPhone 5 or 5S, you may upgrade as there is pretty much difference between iPhone 5/5S and 6S/6S Plus. So the decision ultimately lies with you whether to wait or go for iPhone 6S.

Based on the rumors surfacing at well known blogs and research from Analysts, I’m listing down several reasons of waiting for iPhone 7. Take a look.

Removal of home button (larger space)

The rumours about removal of home button from iPhone screen have been cirulating for quite sometimes now. The analysts believe that the new iPhone 7 would be launched without home button that will give users a larger screen to play with. The well known analyst Gene Munster according to Valuewalk suggests that the home button can be removed from screen and be shifted to the sides to increase screen space.

The incorporation of 3D touch technology as we saw in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus exterminates the use of home button. This is the great reason why you should wait for iPhone 7 till next year as you will have new interface with button-less screen.

OLED Screen Display instead of LCD

According to BGR, Samsung has been the supplier of OLED screens for Apple watches and the company may use the same screen for its new idevices launching next year. The South Korean news giant ETnews suggests that Apple is looking to source OLED screen from Samsung for iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7 Plus).

The current iPhone uses LCD Capacitive touch screen which requires backlight to illuminate the screen pixels however the OLED screen generates the lights its own. It is interested to note that the several android smatphone manufacturers are already using OLED screens in their smartphones.
Intel 7360 LTE MODEM Chip –

As suggested by VentureBeat, Intel has appointed more than 1000 workers to outfit 2016 release. Intel apart from providing LTE 7360 modem for next year iPhone model may possibly provide fabrication of a new system on the chip as well. The current iPhone models are using LTE 9X45 chip manufactured by Qualcomm. The LTE modem helps phone to communicate with the 4G network and exchange data. The rumors also suggests that the tech giant may appoint both the suppliers for providing modem for new iPhone.

iPhone 7 Sapphire Glass

The company is planning to use Sapphire glass for its new iPhone which is scratch resistant and not easily breakable. However, if it breaks, it scatter, doesn’t crack which is the major disadvantage of this glass. The current models of iPhone uses Ion-strengthened glass which is not as good as Sapphire glasses.

The rumors about the use of sapphire glass were circulating since a long time and it was predicted that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would feature this glass but it couldn’t happen. Apple uses sapphire glass in its watches and it has been appreciated by the customers. It makes sense for the company to use this glass for its upcoming iPhone. For more details, please checkout previous post.

It is also rumoured that iPhone 7 will be water resistent to IP67 standards which means that phone can resist water for about 30 mins if it dips under 1 meter water. Just like rumours about Sapphire glass, the previous versions (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) would already have made waterpoofed but the company couldn’t do so. Its high time to make new iPhone 7 water-proofed as rivals out-score iPhone for waterproofing. Click here to know more.

iPhone 7 A10 Chipset and RAM for faster processing

The iPhone 7 rumored to be featuring A10 chipset which will be coupled with 4 GB RAM to make the device work faster even at multitasking. The release date of iPhone 7 is too far and Apple would definitely have A10 chipset ready to be implemented by then.

Battery drainage is the major problem with the latest iPhone models and that is one of the reason why I suggest to wait for iPhone 7. According to ValueWalk, out of 3100 respondents to a survey on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus battery, massive 90% respondents said they aren’t satisfied with the battery and want apple to further improve it. It is being said that, Apple is working hard to improve the battery of is upcoming iPhone to address to the people concern.

About 31% of the respondents suggest apple to enhance battery by incorporating superior chips. I predict that the iPhone 7 will have greatly improved battery that can last longer than its predecessor. Yet another great reason to wait for iPhone 7 !

It has been noticed that Apple announces its latest version of iOS just before announcement of new iPhone. The iOS 10 will be announced next year well before the launch of iPhone 7 and the latest iPhone certainly be featuring the same.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S? I vote = iPhone 7.
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