Wednesday, May 11, 2016


How to create an Cloud Storage and Online Storage accounts via iTunes!

If you want to create a new account Cloud Storage and Online Storage account with a computer, we need:

1) PC based on Windows (PC) or Mac OS X (Mac);
2) connection to the Internet;
3) iTunes (preferably the latest version);
4) E-mail (required access to the box).

Cloud storage and online storage account registration process is very simple, you have to enter:

1) email address;
2) password;
3) sensitive information to verify your identity on breaking Apple ID (the answers to 3 questions the established form);
4) e-mail to regain control over the account (must be different from the ground);
5) date of birth;
6) billing information (credit card or debit card, expiration date, security code, physical address).

Do not worry, go through this procedure will need only 1 time (or each subsequent registration with another Cloud Storage or Online Storage account).
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