macOS Sierra Review

macOS Sierra Review: A few seconds ago, the announcement of the operating system macOS Sierra, which has received a number of new features and capabilities. Now Mac computers based on the new firmware can be unlocked with the help of Apple Watch, and it happens automatically.

OS X operating system has existed in the market for over 15 years, but Apple decided to change its name to the MacOS.
The operating system macOS Sierra adds support for Universal Clipboard universal app that automatically synchronizes all copied to the clipboard data on all devices from Apple, thereby making them easier to use.

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Support for Apple Pay payment system now appears in the Safari web browser on the Mac. Payment Confirmation comes via the iPhone or iPad, using the fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

In macOS Sierra operating system adds support for tabs in third-party applications. Start picture in picture is no longer a problem, and to activate this function is enough to make just a few clicks.

One of the most important innovations macOS Sierra was to support voice assistant Siri, ready to help in any situation. With the help of "smart" assistant Finder you can search files, search for emails, launch music, send messages and even search for movies to view on taste preferences. Siri is also capable of running the picture-in-picture.

Now Siri function is also available on the Mac, so the user opens a whole new side of his usual daily work with a desktop computer. Voice Assistant lets you search for information, find files, consolidate and drag search results and even change the system settings.


Thanks to the integration with iCloud all of the content on the desktop and in the folder "Documents" is available on the iPhone and iPad, so users always have access to the necessary files. Universal Clipboard allows you to copy content, including text, images, photos and video from one Apple device to another and paste.

One of the new feature in macOS Sierra - Apple Pay Mac version. Apple Pay works perfect on Mac, so online shopping become even easier, more reliable and safer. And in the application "Photo" is now easy to brush up on important issues, organize your library and edit photos on a professional level.


Siri works on the Mac via just a click away. All Siri features are now available on the Mac - with brand new features designed specifically for desktop computers. Siri is easily accessible from the Dock, from the menu bar or using the keyboard and allows you to use voice commands to search for various information and files, as well as sending messages.

For example, you can ask Siri to find the file you were working on in the evening, add an appointment in the calendar or call FaceTime. In addition, Siri on the Mac allows you to drag and drop search results Siri directly into documents or e-mails, as well as to consolidate them in Notification Center to track data such as scores or stock quotes.