Saturday, July 23, 2016

Best cloud storage for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Mac.

Cloud storage plans for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Mac. Today we want tell you some things about best Cloud Storage variants. At the moment the Cloud services on the Internet can count hundreds, and everyone - the features of Cloud Storage Service, its width access channels and its Content specifics.

1) So, Amazon Cloud Drive allows you to operate free 5 GB of available space, and for the modest sum of $ 10 a year you can get for 20 GB (and so on down to 1 TB - 50 cents for each additional gigabyte).

2) So, Apple iCloud cloud also offers to start with 5 GB, but is not designed for storage abstract unstructured data:

This space is proposed that purchased from the iTunes Store books, music, videos, and so on. E., As well as to relay back to the Photo Stream personal terminal Apple, which makes this storage in an automated cloud server backup media. Not alone, "media", however.

Synchronize contacts, messages in the mailbox, the coordinates of your current location iPhone / iPad and other data is also done automatically. In full force iCloud works on Mac computers with the operating system Lion, as well as mobile terminals running iOS 5 or later version, and at the same time on computers with Windows, which deployed the latest version of iTunes.
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