Monday, July 25, 2016

What is cloud storage

What is cloud storage? Today we open new categories on GD named "Cloud Storage", when we planing write all articles with confirmed information about cloud storage. If you like iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, you know that Cloud Storage is very important for all who have smartphones for business and lifestyle.

The most popular and well-known of the public cloud storage services - file storage, coupled with the ability to share them with your friends or colleagues.


The most popular (if not the very first) solution of this kind was back in 2007 cloud service Dropbox, born straight out of an urgent need of its founder, Drew Houston, at any time have access to all necessary for him to work and for personal use data. Today Dropbox most organically integrated into the file structure of a computer on Windows, Linux or Mac OS, offers comfortable clients for Android and iOS, free grants to registered users 2GB of space, but for $ 99 a year - and 100 GB (there are a few simple ways free memory expansion).
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