Thursday, August 11, 2016

iPhone 7 Processor and Home Button.

iPhone 7 Final Design and Performance. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to unveil a new iPhone for 7-September. iPhone 6 presentations were also held in early September, and their sales started 19 and 25 September respectively. iPhone 7 may appear on store in USA, Canada and Europe shelves on September 16 at 9 days after the announcement.

The Chinese network Weibo already has several pictures, which captured a new generation mobile processor for new iPhone 7. Unfortunately, the performance of the chip is no information had been reported, but there is no doubt that it will be more powerful predecessor, so it was moved.

As for RAM, here is the information differs. Some sources speaking about two gigabytes, while others insist that there will be three. It is possible that 3 GB of RAM will get a model that journalists called iPhone Pro, but to make any predictions before the announcement - it is, as we know, ungrateful.

Today we can see photo with new iPhone 7 Home Button. It's mean that new iPhone 7 will be released with features. One of them will be Touch ID Home button. It's very cool.

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